Software Developer (F/M/D)

01 Our Offer


You love to code. You can‘t get away from the screen until you solve something that bugs you. You think that web developers are not real coders. You don‘t want to be a front-end or back-end developer because you want to understand the entire thing. You know that it takes not only an IDE but also hardware to get high-tech industrial equipment to work. You are keen to develop software for high-tech industrial equipment for the Semiconductor Industry. If at least three of these statements are true for you, we have a great opportunity for you, and you should see if the rest of this ad is also interesting.

It doesn‘t matter if you are an expert or want to become one. As a member of our software development team, you will engage in projects that will challenge your skills. You will have the flexibility to work in areas you like and think you are most helpful for the team. We develop software for industrial control systems in C/C++ and .NET-based applications in C#. So there are plenty of playgrounds. If you are a real master chief and able to connect both worlds, C/C++ on the hardware level and .NET on the top level, you will get the chance rather sooner than later to lead a team of experts and work on the architecture of our software.

If you are homesick or a nerd that wants to stay back at home, it‘s okay. We also have enough to do. If you like to travel, you will get the chance to travel globally to our various customer sites during your job.

We could write much more about what to do and so on. But if you have read till here, it‘s better you drop us a message, and we can discuss the details in a video call.

02 Your Background


We don‘t care what kind of education you have. As long as you are a nerd, that is better than anybody we know in this field of expertise. Of course, C/C++ or C# programming that‘s what we are looking for with this ad. If you are not that great YET, you should hold a degree in computer science or something similar that deals with programming. You can still become the before-mentioned nerd, no worries. We will help you if you want that.

03 Your Action


Clearly, we need somebody with good technical understanding and coding skills. That
given, it would help if you weren‘t a sociopath or egomaniac. You have to deal with colleagues and our customers. Therefore it helps if you are equipped with some basic soft skills.

04 More Information


This position fits you perfectly if you love to code and want to work in a high-tech industry that most people don‘t know or don‘t understand. This is not the right fit if you want to code web or mobile applications.

This job is highly-flexible and there are endless opportunities in our software team. That means: interns, graduates as well as study and work are welcome here. The program is individually tailored to you and your educational background.

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