Startup Engineer (F/M/D)

01 Our Offer


You are somebody that loves to understand mechatronic systems holistically and wants to get your fingers on them to optimize and get the most out of IT.

As an inquisitive person you are not afraid of learning new technologies. Your broad technical education and solution-oriented thinking are the basis for your work in our in-house startup team for our machines.

You will work directly with our engineering team and be the in-house technical expert for your project. Software, robots, PLC systems, industrial PCs, servo motors, sensors and electrical pneumatic circuits will be your daily bread and butter.

02 Your Background


You have a mechatronics, electronics, chemical engineering background.

03 Your Action


This job requires interdisciplinary technical skills, team spirit and good communication skills. As someone who has a well rounded technical understanding of electrical, software and mechanical engineering, you play an important role internally, but also for our customers. You love to work proactively and can anticipate requests thanks to your profound technical knowledge. Other than that, it helps if

  • You are highly interested in software and automation IT systems.
  • You have excellent technical and problem-solving skills.
  • You manage to communicate clear and efficiently with your interdisciplinary team of colleagues.
  • You have a good multicultural awareness.

04 More Information


If you are interested in mechatronic systems with a passion and expertise leaning towards software and automation IT systems, then this position fits perfectly. As a startup engineer, you will accompany projects in the last stage before our products are shipped to our customers. During this stage you will responsible to install our proprietary SW on our products. This includes the setup and configuration of industrial robotic systems, servo drive systems and industrial computer systems and automation systems. After that you will perform verification and test runs on our products to ensure they meet our customers requirements. Travelling is not required for this position.

The startup team offers young talents great entry opportunities – even during their studies. In the startup team there is always room for all those who would like to gain professional experience during school or study and earn money at the same time.

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